Colgate Max White Luminous Teeth Whitening Spring Special offer Just £199 for a full course!

Larcholme Dental Practice are delighted to have been chosen as a Colgate Max White Luminous teeth Whitening provider. This brand-new treatment is a massive step forward in teeth whitening technology as it is professional whitening made simple. There are no gels, no trays needed, no impressions required to make the trays and best of all, the simple brush on serum means that it has low tooth sensitivity and gum irritation.

  • • No impressions or custom trays
  • • No messy Gel – quick drying 6% HP formula
  • • Immediate start once applied

How does it work?

  • It works really simply as a unique serum is applied to dry teeth and within 15 seconds it drys on a clear to the teeth  coating 
  • The quick-drying serum is safe to apply and safe to keep in your mouth over night
  • You can continue to drink water in the night as the special HP formula gets to work on whitening your teeth
  • • Dramatic Whiter teeth in just 10 Days
  • • 10 Minutes wear time only for the LED device
  • • Unique Led light system for an accelerated process

Why Use a Pen?

  • The Precision Pen contains a patented serum that, once brushed on, quickly forms a smudge-proof, durable hydrogen peroxide film on your teeth.
  • This synergy between the formula and the device allows for dramatically whiter teeth in just 10 minutes a day when used as directed.
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  • • 99% of people experienced no or little tooth sensitivity
  • • 98% of people experienced no or little gum irritations
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Why use LED Device?

  • There is little to no tooth sensitivity, little to no gum irritation, and no mess. The Patented LED Light Device then uses a 410nm wavelength light to accelerate the whitening process
  • It takes just 10 minutes LED treatment before bed to activate the serum to ensure it stays on your teeth overnight. Then brush off in the morning.