New lower prices for Invisalign

Dr Andrew Adey has been using Invisalign succesfully for over 11 years with over 170 cases completed. Phone for more details

There are now three different Invisalign treatments available – one to suit everyone.

Invisalign Full Arch Treatment:
Treats 80% of all cases of dental crowding. No-limits treatment which is still usually faster than the metal train track fixed braces. Costs: £3950.

Invisalign Lite:

For very mild cases of crowding when 14 or fewer aligners are needed. Treatment completed in about 6 months! Costs: £2500. This is quicker and cheaper than the fixed “traintrack” braces.

Invisalign Teens:

We are now very pleased to offer the new Invisalign Teens system, meaning that Invisalign can now be used for youngsters aged from 10 upwards, depending upon the problem they have. This is very similar to the Full Invisalign system, and costs the lower price of £3500.

I7 is a very quick system from Invisalign for very minor crowding, and is new to this practice. This sytem is for patients who need less correctional treatment than is provided in Invisalign Lite above. This costs the even lower price of £1900.”

Please contact us for details.

For the costs above you receive:

  • A refund of the consultation fee against the cost of treatment – ie a free consultation.
  • All necessary x-rays and models and photographs.
  • A pre-treatment Case Assessment by us and Invisalign.
  • All the Invisalign aligners needed to treat you, including replacements for any which may break.
  • Tooth whitening provided as standard.
  • 3D computerised treatment plans that allow you to see your new smile BEFORE we start treatment.
  • Retainers to hold your teeth still in their new positions.
  • A typical active treatment time of 6-14 months.
  • Aftercare for one year.
  • There are NO hidden extras. There is NO V.A.T. and we have a car park.

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”

“Remember the word `cheap` has two meanings”

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