iTero Scanning at Larcholme Dental Practice

As part of our continual investment in the Practice, we have installed an iTero Scanner into the Surgery. 

The Scanner is a non-invasive digital scanner that uses a laser scanner to map the exact contour of your teeth and scan it into a 3D image. Our Dentist can use it to diagnose many different conditions, and we can ensure you get the best treatment possible. 

iTero and Invisalign 

The Scanner is perfect for planning out all your treatment with Invisalign. Your initial scan and analysis will then provide a simulation of what the teeth could look like after a complete set of treatments that will realign your teeth for that perfect smile. 

iTero and Bruxism ( Teeth Grinding) 

The scanning system can help dentists diagnose mouth shape issues with over and underbites. It can also analyse the shape of teeth to help understand how grinding will affect the teeth in the future with and without intervention. 

iTero and Children’s Visits to the Dentist

Getting Children into the dentist chair can be a daunting experience for some. By providing the best for your family, the iTero Scanner helps make your child’s dental check-up fun and interactive putting their mouth centre stage! 

iTero for Pregnant Mothers and Vulnerable patients

Our iTero digital Scanner provides a comprehensive understanding of your oral health without using X-Rays so you can see what is happening in your mouth. The iTero Scanner is perfect for vulnerable patients and pregnant mothers. It can provide safe care at every stage of your life.

iTero for Restorative Treatment 

iTero maps out possible restorative treatment plans for crowns, bridges, implants or dentures by providing 3d accurate models and scans. Labs can use the scans to offer close-fitting elements to ensure your comfort is at the forefront of every step of your treatment.

iTero for Periodontic Assessments

Scans can detect gun recession and measure plaque and calculus build-up. Significantly it will help Hygienists and Dentists track the amount of movement in gums over time to chart patient progress and improve your outcomes.