Hello, to all our Larcholme patients,

During this lockdown it is even more vitally important to think about our oral hygiene and diet to avoid gum disease and tooth decay.

Try to limit the amount of sugary foods, its so easy to give in to that biscuit tin when we have time on our hands.

Eat the sweet things with your three main meals and snack on those savoury foods, cheese, nuts (if no allergies) and raw veg/fruit

Two minute daily cleaning twice a day is essential. Try to use an electric toothbrush if possible or a toothbrush less than 3 months old. 

Remember a tooth has many sides so don’t miss out those areas. Use interdental brushes, or floss and may be at this time, introduce a good mouthwash that can break down bacterial walls and interfere with the protein coatings on viruses. Peroxyl for example made by Colgate

If your gums start to bleed, try to brush them for longer but don’t over scrub. Length of time is far more important than pressure. Be brave, it takes 24 hours for gum disease to start but up to 3 weeks for it to get back to health so persevere with the cleaning and all will be well.  

So remember Brush brush, brush, eat less sugar and use those rainbow coloured TePes or floss. Stay safe with a healthy mouth.

Hopefully we will see you all soon, dressed a little differently but still here to help.

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