Back in the day dentistry was known for being uncomfortable at the very least, and occasionally downright painful. The materials that dentists had back in the 1920s were pretty basic (as per medicine) and patients would often be asked to pay extra for a local anaesthetic to prevent them feeling anything whilst having a filling done. And before those days there were NO anaesthetics worth giving.

Things improved as years went by. Cocaine is no longer used in dentistry, and even the newer Novocaine has been replaced. The modern local anaesthetic is Lignocaine hydrochloride, and newer ones still are Citanest and Articaine – better and better.

All the local anaesthetics we use are easy to give (and to receive), rapid acting and deep so you are unlikely to feel anything at all. Even “the needle” is better – they are now one use, and very fine, so they can be given kindly and without you feeling much. A modern local anaesthetic will last about 2-3 hours.

Before you receive a local anaesthetic we will inform you of what will happen and what you’ll feel. If you have any questions then ask away. You will always be offered a local anaesthetic for modern dentistry.

We promise not to charge you any more for it though!

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