All About Anaesthetics & Dentistry


Back in the day dentistry was known for being uncomfortable at the very least, and occasionally downright painful. The materials that dentists had back in the 1920s were pretty basic (as per medicine) and patients would often be asked to pay extra for a local anaesthetic to prevent them feeling anything whilst having a filling [...]

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TePe’s Online Shop


Check out TePe's new online shop. Get their products delivered direct to your door! Their products include: Interdental brushes (all the different sizes) Original Angle Extra soft Easy pick TePe's Online Shop Why Should I Clean Interdentally? Food and bacteria can easily become trapped between the interdental (gaps) spaces of our teeth. [...]

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Looking After Your Teeth During Covid-19


Hello, to all our Larcholme patients,During this lockdown it is even more vitally important to think about our oral hygiene and diet to avoid gum disease and tooth decay.Try to limit the amount of sugary foods, its so easy to give in to that biscuit tin when we have time on our hands.Eat the sweet [...]

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